Friday, June 22, 2012

Cuento Infantil En Prosa "Recordando A Mi Padre" Por Eduardo Méndez

El autor Eduardo Méndez escribe este cuento infantil en prosa sobre las memorias de su padre. Su cuento recordando a mi padre cita;
Entre los maizales esta el camino de herradura.
Mi padre esta vendiendo frutos de la tierra dura.
Terrenos olvidados, que a él le ha dado amargura.

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Recordando A Mi Padre

9 Dating Tips for Guys

1. Timing is everything – There will be certain days of the month in which you are going to be a jerk anyways, no matter what. Therefore, always wait until she decides when to go on a date. Be her friend in the meantime, and never push for a date.
2. Dress nicely – The average woman changes her clothes four times before she leaves the house. Don’t embarrass your date by showing up mismatched.
3. Be considerate – Call if you’ll be late. If you don’t show up, don’t expect another chance. You are screwed.
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9 Dating Tips for Guys